Monday, April 08, 2013

G is for Grocery Stores!

I love to go grocery shopping! I just need an excuse to go there every two days! I love looking into aisles and aisles of different products ( not necessarily buy them!). It has been difficult now to browse leisurely through the aisles since the baby has arrived. Now its a mad dash to get the essentials with a LIST in hand.

I used to hate buying from a list previously. It was some how limiting my grocery experience, I felt. So I try and go to a superstores alone as far as possible.

I usually end up buying a whole lot of junk disguised in fun "new" packaging. The credit card bills always shoot up after a grocery haul. But s that's my only splurge :P

I even love the samplers section to taste new sometimes weird stuff. I am not a coupon girl. Clearly I think I am not into saving. I should but to my husband's chagrin, I am not wired for that.

So do you love to go Grocery Shopping or is it a chore for you?


  1. Yeah you mentioned it right...even i like to visit these superstores all alone as it becomes quite difficult to explain hubby that why i am picking up those junk ;)
    I love grocery shopping :)

  2. I'm the only one in my family who actively loves the weekly shop! Having said that I am turning it into a monthly one which will be more fun!

  3. Getting lost in Shopping. But I get bored very soon. But shopping in a book shop is definitely, Love!

    - A fellow blogger from A to Z!

  4. I grew up in a grocery store and for years hated to go grocery shopping but don't mind it so much now that I am older and have more money and time:) Happy A-Z Challenge.

  5. I do not prefer a grocery store so I go there once a month. However, I feel a grocery store is much more personal than a mall! Cool post!

    - Dishit from Only the Crazy Survive!!!

  6. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hey I am couponing too these days and I am having fun :)... Try it. Grocery shopping has become my stress buster these days. - Kiran

  7. Yes, food shopping is fun, and I can relate to the 'junk' haha, but how else can find new flavours or food?? Well that's my excuse.

  8. Oh, I hate the grocery store or any store for that matter. Well, maybe Home Depot to day dream. ;-)

    Blogging A to Z Challenge

  9. Grocery shopping is fun :) Colourful !


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