Friday, April 05, 2013

E is for Entertainment

I am bored!
Is the most frequently used sentence. We start getting bored as soon as we realize we can get entertained, as early as a year, I feel.

My ultimate means of Entertainment are:

1) Books: Nothing can beat a good book and a coffee!
That's one of the 5 shelves of books I have. I have to stack them one behind other as I have no space :P

2)Napping on a Sunday! : Yup! I consider it an entertainment as it is a rarity for me :)

3) Movies but only Bollywood ones and that too only in the theatres. The more music , dance and nonsense the better. But yes , I do draw my line somewhere. There needs to be some sense in the nonsense too :D

4) Cooking: I love experimenting at cuisines from across the world limited only by me being a vegetarian. I absolutely love cooking Mexican and Italian the most.

The ultimate form of entertainment according to spiritual guides is to be at peace and happy by doing nothing at all and with oneself. All the above listed means of my entertainment require external mediums. I can never be just with myself. I would worry myself to death :P

So what are your means of entertainment ?


  1. I enjoy reading to stave off boredom. Unfortunately I also like to eat when I'm bored. I try not to get bored so I don't get fat.

  2. Books, napping any time and movies add to the entertainment factor in my life but not the cooking part! That is just a necessary chore for me! :)

  3. I too am vegetarian - the opportunities offered by world cuisines make it so exciting, don't they ?

  4. Books, definitely. Watching my dog and playing with her is the best one. I love people and nature watching as well, and count them as entertainment too :)

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My favorite form of entertainment is watching movies. Action, mystery, musicals, comedies, they're all wonderful. Books are also very important. Eating ice cream is very entertaining since I usually do so with my 14 year old son. Writing is my work, but there's a lot of entertainment there too.

    Happy A to Z!


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