Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chanakya - Book Review

Author: Pavan K Varma
Publishers:Aleph Book Company
Genre: Political Ideologies


First I apologize to Blogadda for a really late review.

Generally I find any idea given out to change the current Indian Political scenario far-fetched and far too unrealistic. It is not because the ideas are far-fetched or unrealistic but the scenario itself feels too complicated to change. I feel we are deep in the rut to change. 

I am reading this book a tad too late after Blog adda sent me the copy. I too in my own way, am fighting the system though at the grass root levels to get one certificate. I was too frustrated to read this book which in its preface very optimistic promises a solution. I cant digest it at the moment. I am yet to get the said certificate, by the way!

But nonetheless, I read the book. I was slightly moved. It is an achievement in my current state. I want to parcel this book to every politician out there who can read and comprehend this. ( Pun intended!)

The book aims at thoroughly addressing the problems of the country using the great Chanakya's teachings. One by one, the author tries to solve each problem majorly ones like Governance, Democracy , Corruption, Security and Building an inclusive society.
What I liked about the author's solution , is that he isn't suggesting something really radical. He himself knows too well that things cannot be changed overnight. Also, that nothing can be achieved unless the entire country of ordinary people really apply external pressure too. 
He does manage to evoke a certain level of patriotism in me , just a little bit. 
Like any non-fiction, even this one isn't something that can be read over a cuppah of coffee or at night. It requires quite bit of thought.  Obviously, I am an ordinary software engineer. Probably not the kind of audience that is required by the book to understand the real nuances the author proposes.

Security is the chapter that the author presented really well according to me. Some of the facts jarred me. The dismal scenario of police and infrastructure that the country lacks to protect itself and its citizens is disturbing. While we see attacks of terrorism in our everyday life from outside India, the author points out that the Maoist/Naxal attack could be far more threatening.Though-provoking!

Obviously Corruption is the termite that country is completely infested with. The Author does reveal some very interesting and astonishing facts regarding the same.

I want to parcel this book to some of our current rulers if possible. Maybe some if not all of the 111 ways of betterment could be implemented :) It would make for a better India,really.

This my first read from the author. I liked that even a naive reader like me could understand the complex solutions to a certain level. No.. I cannot go and implement them. But you know what I mean! I understand that these are credible and doable. Implementing isnt and shouldnt be by me.

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