Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 24-I don't know anything about Schools

Yesterday , someone asked me a volley of questions I had no answer to . I have to get answers to this to secure a good education for my not-even-toilet-trained 2 year old :P

Here is the rough conversation I had with the lady who knew it all:

She is eligible for Nursery next year. Which School did you choose?

Me: Eligible ?! I thought she was too small even for playschool!

Which stream do you want the child to go in? Medicine Or Engineering

Me:Err... I want her to tell me when she goes su-su! My only goal currently :( Sigh

Based on question 1 , you choose the curriculum ISCE,State,CBSE or the Fancy International !

Me:Oh! I never knew that! Drat! Lot of research involved.

3) Then say , you choose CBSE , you'd look into the TOP 10 schools , right?

Me: Err.. Erm .. okayyy

4) Did you take the admission forms,at least?

Me: Do I look like I even thought about it :O

5) The cutoff date is January for some schools and December for some. You know that na?

Me: Nope..I thought its still too nippy in January to stand in lines for a form.

Yikes! So this is another of the things that I have to do But I have no clue what to do next in the mommyland. I never really score high in mommy must-do milestones. But I catch up always and this time too I plan to. Atleast I'll start researching into the dreaded school admissions.

So all my wise readers out there.. please enlighten me.
My first basic question:
At what age should a child start regular big school with so many kids and all the paraphernalia?
Isn't 2 and 1/2to early to start school for 6 hours?

My second question :
Isn't a small kindergarten school meant for preschoolers with a small number of kids better for her?

My Third Question:
Is admission so tough in Class 1/Grade 1 that we should consider big schools at kindergarten level?


  1. hehe the Engineering vs Medicine question - seriously ?!

    I am a big fan of Montessori, and as you say did not want "big" school for my kids when they were that small. Both went through the Mont drill, advice about 1st std admissions is scary, but I do not know of any kid who did not get into their 1st or 2nd choice school.

  2. Firstly I wish you had strangled that woman.

    Now coming to your question. The play schools take in kids at age 2-21/2. You need to check the one closest to your house. They keep the kids for a max of 2 hours initially till the child settles in. And most schools do potty train the child alongside as well. My sons playschools did that.

    Some schools have the playschools an dregular schools in one campus, which could be a blessing for you. Check that out. And there are schools that start from the 1st too. Mostly alternate education types. But kindergarten is LKG, AND UKG, that i sbetween the ages of 4-6
    And no stress, check out by calling the school you have shortlisted an dget their admission dates.

  3. This is just the beginning! you'll cross this phase...I went through and now I have given up...We'll take it on PM :P Comments dont do justice

    1. Sure Swathika.. I ll catch you on PM soon :D

  4. all her Q r just for time-pass conversation but on admission u need to give a thought, changing school will cause too much headache, knowing that there is a huge donation to be paid at every step.if the big school has nursery for 3 yrs old, its best to choose that school instead of waiting for ur kid to be 5yrs and changing few play schools till then..
    big school r also aware of the child' capacity and they do not occupy the child for 6 hrs, but keep a nap in between their activities.
    just last week, my friend told me that she is asked to pay 80k for admission in a known school in Mumbai for her 2-yrs-old

  5. ALl I know is that it's painful (based on my niece wala experience). And fussing ain't really worth it. :P

  6. hahahaha! welcome to the world of cut-throat parenting and standing in long queues. But with your sense of humour, so I guess you'll survive it.

  7. i have heard so so much abt it that i dont want to face it! :D but it was such a fun read, am sure as jandy says, with ur humor u will sail thru well..


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