Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ram gopal bajaj!

Haha anyone who has seen "andaz apna apna" will know what I am talking about :) his famous dialog was ' har cheez time to time honi chahiye' Vevina inadvertently is following the dialog to the tee..
I know some will say I and Ammama(Grandma) made her so . But trust me, even we didn't think she 'll be so punctual..
Regular eating-sleeping times are fixed but what are funnily also fixed are :
--taking bath... At around 10-10.15. Isnt it the most fun thing Eva! bobbaaa( water to her) bobba is the yelling heard at this time in our house.Water is soo much fun but people always pull her out just when she s really starting to enjoy ..grrrr!
--Going to check for post in the postbox at around 2-2.30. 'pott pott' is what is yelled. Yes we are proud to get mail and disappointed if nothing is there! So please snail mail Vevina :)
--Watering  plants at around 5-5.30..well first they get watered and then we go in for the kill! Daily one leaf belongs to Vevi :p plant version of PETA please pardon her!
-- at around 6.30 , it's time to go to the park.. Well lot of friends await little Vevina there! Everyone from the maali to the chai wala outside the park is a friend..and a big 'hieeeeee' is duly delivered with a smile to each person.. ( no more no less)
--at around 8.30, her baba switches on the wii , she knows it and is delighted when the welcome music starts. She doesn't get to see it yet but if sound itself is such a attraction, she surely is on her way be a game :)

My little one has a internal clock to beat all clocks at home. Why we the clocks and watches unnecessarily at home is a valid doubt anyone can have..

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  1. hahaha Vevina is so cute :)

    My baby,Chirpy,has a clock set in her stomach ;)


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