Friday, December 01, 2006

All the fuss over a statue!!

"Maharashtra burned on Thursday in violent reaction to the desecration of B R Ambedkar's statue in Kanpur on Tuesday. Each time there is a bandh or any sort of protest that makes the city stop in its tracks, it pays not in lakhs but in crores. The total damage to public property in the state, according to the Maharashtra government, has been assessed at Rs four crore in two consecutive days of violence. Mumbai was largely unaffected by the violence, but its normal life took a hit. As news of the violence spread, shops shut down, as did schools and colleges and some shopping malls as well.For India's commercial hub, the cost of any bandh or bandh-like situation is high. According to one study, the loss due to any kind of closure, is usually at least a hundred crore. Mumbai's last big closure, which was the train blasts of July 11, cost Maharashtra nearly Rs 4.5 crore. It cost the Indian railways Rs 18 crore and the cost to business went into hundreds more. " -NDTV.COM

Its just a statue!! An inanimate object..not the person himself...ask the rioters what this great man actually did in his lifetime.... more than 75% wouldnt know!! Absolute mob mentality..when will this end:?

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